Online entries on Horse-Events

Horse Events – Online Entries for any equestrian event

Safe, Secure and FREE to the Organiser

Giving Organisers complete flexibility

Rider & Horse details saved for a Quick easy entry process
Apple & Google pay enabled for quick checkout
Easy event manager platform to edit & cancel bookings
Quick & Automated refunds for customers

Why host your event entries online with Horse-Events

The Horse-Events website is designed to ensure life is made easy for the organiser offering a complete booking service allowing organisers & treasurers to spend as little time on the admin side whilst running an event.

Taking the pressure of chasing payments and organising entries.

  • The Horse Events website is suitable for ANY type of equestrian event. – single, team, audience bookings and many more
  • Custom booking forms to allow for all types of questions to be answered
  • Add event extras such as stabling.
  • Choose to add your own events or for the Horse Events team to add them for you.
  • Edit& manage events, view and download bookings as well as edit and cancel individual bookings.
  • Dedicated support for sign up and continued support for organisers & customers.
  • Easy Accounting for treasurers and quick automated refunds.
  • The booking system can verify membership numbers – To custom membership API’s
  • Easy to search and find events for customers
  • Customers can save rider and horse profiles to make entering quick and easy
  • Smart pay checkout enabled for quick payment of entries.
  • Its FREE for organisers to use, we charge a nominal booking fee to the entrant when booking online

How to add an event online

Event Booking Fees

A Small booking fee is added on top of the entry fee

We are different to other providers, Horses-Events pays for all the card and Merchant fees related to a transaction, so NO Stripe/Paypal or transfer fees are deducted or paid for by the Organiser.

This means the full entry fee is transferred, which helps the organiser to keep their entry fees as low as possible.

Event Booking fee options

Booking fees can either be charged
(1) per individual ticket booked
(2) per horse & rider per event.

The booking fee option is decided by the organiser when the event is created.  (Only one option can be used per event)

Examples are shown below

1) Charged per individual ticket

recommended for all event types except for shows and events with low entry fees.

2) Charged Per horse & rider/ per event*
Designed for show entries where a horse and rider combination enter a large number of classes

* All tickets must be is the same price band for the event.

Cost of Ticket
(price band)
(1) Per Individual Ticket (£) (2) Booking fee Per horse & rider/ per event (£)
Free 0.5 1
Up to £12 1 2
Up to £30 1.45 3
Up to £50 1.75 Charged per ticket only
Up to £70 1.90 Charged per ticket only
Up to £100 2 Charged per ticket only
Up to £150 3 Charged per ticket only
Up to £200 4 Charged per ticket only
Up to £300 6 Charged per ticket only
Up to £400 8 Charged per ticket only

online entry benefits


  • Easy to add your own event or let Horse-Events do it for you.
  • Edit an event – examples include cancel – add spaces – close – postpone
  • Real time reporting whenever you want it.
  • Multiple logins allowed for Organiser/ secretary/ DC/ Finance


  • Details saved for horse and rider to make entering easy
  • Easy search function to enter as many classes and events in one transaction
  • Quick checkout using Apple & Google pay
  • Automated Emails for clear communications


  • View and edit bookings
  • Easy for customer to make changes themselves if entries are open.
  • Integrates with Eventing scores/ Pony Club & Riding Club results.
  • Automated quick refunds in line with the event terms and conditions set


Download all the Information & Print this Page Here