Horse Events National Eventing Championships

The Largest Eventing championships in the country

Horse Events Unaffiliated Eventing Championships 2024

Championships 21st & 22nd September 2024 – Dauntsey Park Equestrian – 80, 90 & 100

70cm Championship Venue to be decided 


  • Amateur ONLY classes
  • Open class for young horses
  • Schools Equestrian Games Eventing Championships

Each year between March & September Horse Events Eventing Qualifiers are held across the country where riders can qualify for the most competitive National Eventing championships in the UK. The Championship showcases the best of the best amatuer riders today, combined the schools eventing championships and showcases the young horse who have started their carer in eventing.

In 2024 we will also be running a 70cm Championships for riders at their own exclusive venue TBC.

List of Qualifying Dates & Venues

List of Qualified Riders

70cm List of Qualified Riders
80cm List of Qualified Riders
90cm List of Qualified Riders
100cm List of Qualified Riders

Unaffiliated Amateur championships

Unaffiliated Amateur championships

This championship is aimed for the amateur rider who does not class themselves as a professional rider of course this is hard quantify the following criteria have been put in place to encourage a fair competition for all involved. It is self policed as we cannot track past results.

Amateur Class Criteria

For the 80cm & 90cm No rider to have competed above BE Novice or equivalent in the last three years.
For 100cm No rider to have competed above BE Intermediate or equivalent in the last three years.


If you have any queries over riders that have qualified that are not eligible, please email and we can investigate further.

How to qualify

Be placed in the top 8 of eligible starters and go clear XC at any 80, 90 or 100 unaffiliated event hosting a Horse Events Qualifier (HEQ) and be eligible under the criteria.

Special prizes to be awarded at each height at the Championships

  • Highest placed individual that is not employed in any equestrian related field and purely is a Hobby rider with only 1 horse.
  • Best Veteran rider over 50

Horse Events Unaffiliated Open Young Horse Championships (4-6year old horses)

Horse Events Unaffiliated Open Young Horse Championships (4-6year old horses)

Open to ALL levels of rider
(no restrictions on the level you have competed previously at)

Open to 4, 5 & 6yr old horses in their 1st or 2nd year of eventing.

How to Qualify

To go clear XC and be placed in the top 10 at any Horse Events Qualifying competition.

School Equestrian Games Eventing Championships

School Equestrian Games Eventing Championships

The SEG Eventing Championships gives children the opportunity to compete for their schools and qualify for the Schools Equestrian Games Eventing Championships.

This is a prestigious series and is the recognised Eventing Championships for all schools, we welcome international schools to compete as well.

How to Qualify

  • Top 8 qualify in each SEG section at qualifying competitions. To Qualify all riders must go Clear XC. (Time Faults not included)
    If qualified for unaffiliated Eventing Championships can transfer to compete in SEG if you wish.
  • Throughout the season the competitions are individual qualifiers
    – Teams will then be made at the championships if a schools has enough members from their school who have qualified individually to make up a team. (minimum of 3 in a team)
  • Teams- Maximum of 2 teams per school per height at the championships.
  • Qualification is passed down the line in the event that those placed have previously qualified.
  • The same horse and rider combination qualify- no substitutions can be made.
  • Each competitor rides for the school they currently attend – school leavers (17/18 years) ride for their previous school.

Championship Criteria

In the event of qualifying for two heights the combination must compete at the championship at the highest height they qualified for.

No horse or rider substitutions at the championships

For Unaffiliated Amateur riders that have qualified and are riding a young horse or at School age the rider can decide which championship class they would like to be entered into. If choosing the Schools Equestrian Games section.
(please ensure your School is registered with us by the 18th September 2023.

Please remember the Young Horse Class is open to professional and amateur riders.

Only 1 class can be ridden in at the championships per combination.

In the event of Qualifying for multiple championship classes you will need to decide which championships you compete in. (Amateur, Young horse or SEG)