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Duke of Buccleuch's Pony Club Poles and Gymnastic Rally with Sarah Hislop
Duke of Buccleuch's Hunt
24th February 2024
Location: Billerwell Farm
Booking Status: Closed
Withdrawal Date: 18/02/2024
Lauderdale Hunt General Rally
Lauderdale Hunt
25th February 2024
Location: Stable Life
Booking Status: Closed
Withdrawal Date: 21/02/2024
Nithsdale Pony Club Dressage/flat work with Gaynor
27th February 2024
Location: Hallhill
Booking Status: Closed
Withdrawal Date: 25/02/2024
Lauderdale Hunt Badge Evening and Quiz Practice
Lauderdale Hunt
27th February 2024
Location: Newtown Community Wing
Booking Status: Closes 26/02/2024 08:43
Withdrawal Date: 26/02/2024
Lanark & Upperward Pony Club Unmounted Theory 1st March
Lanark & Upperward
1st March 2024
Location: Kypehall
Booking Status: Closes 27/02/2024 23:00
Withdrawal Date: 27/02/2024
Area 1 Standard Setting for C+, B and B+ Test Riding ~ CPD
2nd March 2024
Location: Netherton Equestrian
Booking Status: Closes 25/02/2024 23:59
Withdrawal Date: 28/02/2024