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Area 8 Quiz 2024 Pony Club Qualifier for National Quiz
3rd March 2024
Location: Risby Village Hall
Booking Status: Closes 24/02/2024 23:55
Withdrawal Date: 28/02/2024
Area 7 Dodson & Horrell Quiz 2024 Hosted by Atherstone Pony Club (Qualifier for National Quiz)
Atherstone Hunt
3rd March 2024
Location: Weston Lawns Equestrian Centre
Booking Status: Closes 25/02/2024 23:00
Withdrawal Date: 25/02/2024
Area 5 Dobson and Horrell Quiz Qualifier - 3rd March 2024
3rd March 2024
Location: Kimmel St George Village Hall
Booking Status: Closes 28/02/2024 00:00
Withdrawal Date: 28/02/2024
Area 2 Quiz hosted by CFHS
Cumberland Farmers' Hunt (South)
3rd March 2024
Location: Newbiggin Village Hall
Booking Status: Closed
Withdrawal Date: 26/02/2024
AREA 4 PC National Quiz Hosted by Oxenholme Branch
3rd March 2024
Location: Main Street
Booking Status: Event Full
Withdrawal Date: 25/02/2024
Pony Club Area 16 Quiz - South Devon West PC
South Devon West
3rd March 2024
Location: Abbotskerswell VIllage Hall
Booking Status: Closes 26/02/2024 09:00
Withdrawal Date: 29/02/2024