Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Event FAQs
How do I find my event times ?

Each event has a separate box stating when and where times will be available.

You can access event time by clicking on the event times tab under events on the main home page, or click HERE

Some events publish their times on their own website so please visit their site to access your times.

Other useful sites for times are

Eventing Scores

Pony Club Results



Where do you find the Horse Events Dressage tests

You can download all the dressage tests HERE

Is there a waiting list and How do i know if my entry is accepted.

Each event will have a separate policy on waitlists. Not all events hold a wait list.

If you are unable to enter an event before the closing date either the class is full with no waiting list or the class and waiting lists are full.

Please note we are unable to add entries to waiting lists if they are full.

If you have a wait listed entry your account will be updated if you are accepted and you will receive a confirmation email.

All unsuccessful wait list spaces are refunded minus the booking fee.

Where can I find the results?

Results from past competition can be found via a results page found under the events tab. HERE

Live Competition results can be found HERE

Where can I find the Horse-Events dressage tests?

On the website homepage click on the events tab, and you will see the drop down menu, then select horse events dressage tests.

Booking FAQs
How do I withdraw?

Withdrawals  can be made via your horse-events account found HERE.

Refunds are automated based on the individuals events terms and conditions as listed on their individual schedules when you enter.
Once cancelled online you CANNOT reverse your cancellation you will need to rebook and pay for a new entry.


Will I get a refund?

Each events refund policy is stated under the refund section of their schedule when you enter. Please read these carefully as they do differ between events. Once your refund has been processed please allow up to 5 working days for it to reach your account before contacting us.

Refunds if due are automated at the point of change or cancellation.

How can I change my booking?

Please manage and change your bookings through your account dashboard which can be found HERE

My payment is not working?

Please check there are no punctuations marks in your address on your Horse-Events account. Remove any extras and try again.

Why is there a Booking fee?

Horse Events is pleased to be able to offer you a 24 hour secure advance on-line booking service.

The booking fee covers the entire cost of the service including all internet hosting costs, software development, payment gateway charges, credit and debit card commissions and UK based support.

This means that 100% of ticket money can go to support each event.

Please note booking fees are non refundable for any reason. This includes, Cancelled Events, Cancelled Entries and Non Successful Wait list entries.

Account FAQs
How do I update my account details?

Log into your account and then click on the ‘My Account’ tab which will take you to your account dashboard and then select ‘Edit Profile’.

Edit Profile HERE

how do I add a new rider?

Go to ‘My Account’ dashboard, scroll down to riders and select ‘Manage Riders/Horses’ then select ‘Add New Rider’ and proceed.


How do I add a horse?

Once you have added a Rider you can go to ‘Manage Rider/Horses’ from the ‘My Account’ dashboard and then from your list of riders you can add a horse.

Add a Horse to a rider HERE

If you already have the horse added with another rider – just click the clone feature in the top left corner and assign to another one of your riders

I would like to BOOK a horse-event. What do I need to do?

On the homepage click the ‘login/register’ tab in the top right then fill in the fields required and you will be sent an email asking you to set a password, as soon as you have done this your account should be active. You can then add horse and riders to you account and book any event online

How do I become a sponsor of Horse Events?

To find out all you need to know about our sponsorship packages Visit HERE

Organiser FAQs
Can I list an event without having online entries?

All events listed on the horse events have a online entry facility.

How to register as a new organiser