The Hub

Horse Events Hub is Proudly Sponsored by KBIS Insurance

What is the Horse Events Hub

The Horse Events Hub (HEHUB) is inclusive to all.

The hub is national hub bringing all unaffiliated Eventing together to help riders gain a little bit extra from their event. It is not exclusively for events listed on the Horse Events website as results from any Unaffiliated ODE can be used to gain points to the league and build your rider & horse profile.

Our membership allows anyone to sign up, with or without a horse. Each registration allows you to add one horse.
Multiple horses and riders each will each need their own unique membership.

Each time a horse or rider competes your results can be added to the hub giving you points towards the National Eventing League and a chance to win prizes. It also helps build your horse and rider profile.

The aim of the HEHUB is to bring the eventing community together across riders, horses, owners and organisers. members can gain more from their eventing experience by WINNING entries, products, schooling vouchers and access to discounts.

Why Join the Horse Events Hub?

Be part of the National Eventing Leagues.
Create an Online profile for your horse & rider listing your event results
Its easy to Join with just a one time registration which will renew automatically each year


National Eventing League

Riders can add there results from any One Day Event competition they take part in.
Results are not exclusive to those organised by Horse Events or Hosted on the website.

Points are awarded to the top 10 placings and double clears

10 point for 1st

1 point for 10th

Double clear – 2 points.

Leagues run at the following categories

  •  70cm

  •  80cm

  •  90cm

  •  100cm

  • Under 16s on the 1st January each year

  •  Young horses for 4 & 5 year olds on the 1st January

The Points a rider gains at an event are then used to determine their result within the league which is relevant to their horse and rider combination.

The National Eventing League runs from March – October

At the end of the league the points will reset for each combination

At the end of each league the WINNER will be crowned the champion and the prestigious winners rug & sash for each league will be presented.


Horse & Rider Profile

For each horse and rider a profile of results will be created from the relevant events hosted on the Horse Events website. (These events are national and across all organisers which will be marked accordingly)


Results will earn points to be entered into the National Eventing League & National Arena Eventing League.