Horse-Events was established in 2011 when Fran Corkhill saw a gap in the market for unaffiliated events and the need for an online entry system to bring the equestrian industry into the 21st Century.

With a wealth of knowledge in the event organising industry combined with technology Horse Events is one the leading platforms for hosting your events online.

Events benefit from the nation wide reach and large social media coverage to help events advertise and boost their entries

The new updated Horse Events website has lots of exciting features to help both organiser manage and add events and for member enter easily.

Horse Events is suitable for all types of equestrian events, organisers can choose where they add their own or sumbit the schedule to Horse Events to do for them. Find out more about how to host your events online here

The Pony Club has partnered with Horse-Events to verify Members and take bookings for pony Club events and rallies to find further details on how to become a rally organiser click here