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Old Surrey & Burstow Spring Tetrathlon Competition 2nd and 3rd March
Old Surrey & Burstow Hunt
2nd March 2024 - 3rd March 2024
Location: Felbridge Showground
Booking Status: Closes 24/02/2024 23:59
Withdrawal Date: 03/02/2024
Taunton Vale Pony Club Range Conducting Course
Taunton Vale
3rd March 2024
Location: Alderminster Village Hall
Booking Status: Late Entry
Withdrawal Date: 12/02/2024
Area 5 Winter Triathlon Qualifier and 3 of 3 March 10
10th March 2024
Booking Status: Closes 24/02/2024 23:59
Withdrawal Date: 24/02/2024
The N.E.H. Newmarket & Thurlow Pony Club Triathlon & Area 8 Winter Triathlon Qualifier
Newmarket & Thurlow Hunt
17th March 2024
Booking Status: Closes 03/03/2024 23:55
Withdrawal Date: 03/03/2024
Spooners & West Dartmoor Pony Club Mini Bi/Triathlon with Cross Country Ride
Spooners & West Dartmoor
27th April 2024
Location: Pew Tor Farm
Booking Status: Closes 23/04/2024 11:59
Withdrawal Date: 23/04/2024
Tetrathlon Royal Windsor Horse Show
4th May 2024 - 5th May 2024
Location: Royal Windsor Horse Show
Booking Status: Closes 29/02/2024 23:59
Withdrawal Date: 22/02/2024