Leyland Court Equestrian Centre

Venue: Leyland Court Equestrian Centre

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Address: Leyland Court Equestrian Centre, Trench Lane, Winterbourne, Bristol, BS36 1RY
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Venue Detail

The course includes a devils dyke, derby bank, ditches, water jump and road crossing, among other purpose built fences. Perfect for first timers or for pre competition practice sessions

The Cross Country Course

Consists of over 100 hundred obstacles of all types ranging from 0.60cm to 1m in height. Most of the fences have an all weather landing and take off which combined with the regular adjustment of the portable obstacles provide good going all through the season. The course is a 1.5 miles long and is a great environment for schooling young horses or preparing more experienced horses for competition.

All Weather Arenas

There are 3 outdoor all weather arenas available at Leyland Court,all of which have sand and rubber surfaces which are well maintained.

45m x 45m , 45m x 30m and 65m x 25m

In the winter the portable cross country fences are used in the arenas to create a great express eventing course.

Also available are:

Full set of Showjumps, Sound system, Judges Boxes, Commentary Caravan, Ladies and Gents Toilets, Large Gravel Lorry Park, Heated viewing/Lecture Room, Dressage Markers, Commentators and Scorers bus.

Venue Location

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