Bonfleur Cross Country Course

Venue: Bonfleur Cross Country Course

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Address: Bonfleur Cross Country Course, Linton, Maidstone, ME17 4BD
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Bonfleur Cross Country Course

Bonfleur Cross County is a has an extensive range of jumps well laid out and ideally located near Maidstone on the edge of the Weald with easy access off of the M20.  Set in a picturesque setting the course provides jumps to suit all riders and horses.

The course is available to hire on a per horse basis.  We welcome all riders and simply ask that you read and understand the disclaimer below.

Cross Country is all about the confidence of the rider and the horse and at Bonfleur we have designed the course to reflect that growth. The course, set in mown grassland, is an ideal location for training horses and riders of all abilities. There are a large range of fences for all levels; including water, banks, ditches, skinnies, combinations and coffins, all within easy viewing of each other.

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