Rabson Manor

Venue: Rabson Manor

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Address: Rabson Manor, Winterbourne Bassett, SN4 9QF
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Venue Detail

Rabson Manor is set in the wonderful Wiltshire countryside, with its rolling downland, in the shadow of the Hackpen White Horse. This fantastic location has a rich history and offers a great variety of routes for riders.

Cross Country Course
80 well-built fences, including two water complexes, bank and ditches, with well maintained take-off and landings. Some are portable (but fixed to the ground) and some are fixed, but with fences from 2ft up to BE100 it is an ideal confidence giving course for young or inexperienced horses, novice or young riders, or just to get your horse going after time away from XC!

Show Jumps – We have a set of Jump 4 Joy show jumps, with a number of ‘scary’ fillers – ideal for schooling, either instead of, or in combination with the XC course. These are on grass during the summer months and in the Arena over the winter.

Outdoor Arena -We have a lovely 60m x 40m rubber topped and fenced School available for hire all year round. During the summer we also have a Dressage Arena set out on grass with white boards – ideal training for young horses.

All available for separate hire.

Venue Location

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