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The Horse Event Hub FAQ’S & Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The Horse Events Hub and its representatives
 cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to Horses or Property however caused by The Horse Events Hub and its representatives and officer cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury caused at any Event where Horse Events Hub members are riding.

All registrations are on Auto-renew unless you request cancellation before your renewal date. Once your membership is paid for that year it cannot be cancelled and will last 12 months from the time of purchase.

Each month current members are entered into any prize draws which they are eligible for. Prize winners will be announced on social media and members will be contacted via email to notify them of any winnings.

Each league has a specified time limit, at the end of each league the winner will be announced and points will reset for the next league.


How much does it cost


The Cost is £20 per year

How to Contact the Horse Events Hub


Please email any inquiries you have regarding the Hub to HEHUB@HORSE-EVENTS.CO.UK

How to cancel your membership

Once paid for, your membership cannot be cancelled and will run for 12 months. All Memberships are added on an auto renew basis if you do not wish for your membership to be renewed please notify us when your renewal reminder is sent.

Can I change a Horse or Rider


Horse & Rider details cannot be changed if you have a new horse you will need a new registration.

View the Rider Profiles & League Tables


League tables can be viewed at all times at www.horse-events.co.uk

Rider Profiles – These can be viewed HERE

My Results from the last event have not been added

Results for your events need to be added by yourself using the the following Page

If I Win and Entry how do I claim it.


Entries are for any event on the Horse Events website up to the value of £85 per class. The entry is for a single horse and Rider and must be for eth member who won the event.

if you have all ready booked an event that hasn’t taken place we can credit your entry back to you.

If you would like to book a new entry please email your details of the event, class, horse & rider so we can add you to the event. If the event is closed for booking or full we cannot process the entry for this event.