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SEG Eventing Championships

The SEG Eventing Championships is a series of ODE’s around the country to give children the opportunity to compete for their schools and qualify for the Schools Equestrian Games Eventing Championships.

This is a prestigious series and is the recognised Eventing Championships for all schools, we welcome international schools to compete as well.

All 2020 Qualifying Competitors are eligible for the 2021 championships at Calmsden on the 24th & 25th September 2021

How to Qualify

  • Throughout the season the competitions are individual qualifiers -teams will then be made at the championships if schools have enough members from their school who have qualified individually to make up a team.
  • Teams- Maximum of 2 teams per school per height at the championships.
  • Top 8 qualify if section starters 30 or less, top 10 qualify if more than 30 starters per section.
  • Qualification is passed down the line in the event that those placed have previously qualified.
  • The same horse and rider combination qualify- no substitutions can be made.
  • Each competitor rides for the school they currently attends – school leavers (17/18 years) ride for their previous school.










2021 Qualifying Dates

2nd & 3rd April Broadway Worcestershire

17th & 18th April Calmsden, Gloucestershire

1st & 2nd May Swalcliffe, Oxfordshire

22nd & 23rd May Elmwood Equestrian, Oxfordshire

24th & 25th July Dauntsey Park, Wiltshire

7th & 8th August Elmwood Equestrian, Oxfordshire

28th & 29th August Broadway Worcestershire

11th & 12th September Swalcliffe, Oxfordshire


Championship at Calmsden 24th & 25th September 2021

Schedule and Entries HERE