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KBIS National Eventing League

KBIS National Eventing League by the Horse Hub


How does the KBIS National Eventing & KBIS National Arena Eventing League work.

For each event entered on the Horse Events website which is relevant to the league the riders results are added.

Points are awarded to the top 10 placings and double clears

10 point for 1st

1 point for 10th

Double clear – 2 points.

Leagues run at the following categories

  •  70cm
  •  80cm
  •  90cm
  •  100cm
  • Under 16s on the 1st January each year
  • Young horses for 4 & 5 year olds on the 1st January
  • A Northern and Southern League across all heights

The Points a rider gains at an event are then used to determine their result within the league which is relevant to their horse and rider combination.

The National Eventing League runs from March – October

The National Arena Eventing runs from October – March

At the end of each league the points will reset for each combination

At the end of each league the WINNER will be crowned the champion and the prestigious winner rug, sash & trophy for each league will be presented.

70cm League

80cm League

90cm League

100cm League

Under 16s League

Young Horse League 4 & 5 year olds

Southern League