Wickstead Horseplay January 2022 Arena Eventing – SUNDAY ONLY

Wickstead Horseplay January 2022 Arena Eventing – SUNDAY ONLY

Where: Wickstead Horse Play
When: 30/01/22
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Wickstead Horseplay Arena Eventing


Enter online www.horse-events.co.uk

NO entries on the day


Classes; 70cm, 80cm, 90cm and 100cm




You will need to Print your own numbers and provide your own number bib PRINT  HERE 

Withdrawal Date: 27 January 2022
Wicksetad HorsePlay
T: 07725733443 (Hannah)
(queries on the day only)
Event Secretary
T: +44 (0)7962 251 696
(not after 7pm) Entry Queries
Show Secretary on the day
Hannah Goddard

Event Classes

The following classes are available for the Wickstead Horseplay January 2022 Arena Eventing – SUNDAY ONLY

Saturday 70cm
Saturday 70cm & 80cm Same Horse & Rider Combination
Saturday 80cm
Saturday 80cm & 90cm Same Horse & Rider Combination
Saturday 90cm
Saturday 90cm & 100cm Same Horse & Rider Combination
Saturday 100cm
Sunday 70cm
Sunday 70cm & 80cm Same Horse & Rider Combination
Sunday 80cm
Sunday 80cm & 90cm Same Horse & Rider Combination
Sunday 90cm
Sunday 90cm & 100cm Same Horse & Rider Combination
Sunday 100cm

Entries & Entry Fees

Entries via www.horse-events.co.uk

Entry Fee:  £40 per class or £75 if 2 classes entered by same combination of horse and rider (price not including booking fee).

Classes; 70cm, 80cm, 90cm and 100cm


Rosettes and prizes in kind.
Prize giving will be shortly after each class, if you are not able to make prize giving please leave a large SAE and your prize will be posted


On the Day

There will be catering onsite.

Wickstead will follow government guidelines for Covid at the time of the competition

All rubbish to be taken home and disposed of.

We recommend bringing your own sanitiser, towels, or wipes. We will provide some for the toilet, but cannot guarantee they will not run out. Wash / sanitise your hands regularly and especially after touching something that has been touched by other people.

What is Arena Eventing?

What is Arena Eventing?

Closest to bogey time and lowest score wins.
Consists of a course of 7-9 Show jumps
4 penalties for each pole down, 4 penalties for 1st refusal, 8 for 2nd refusal, E for 3rd at same fence or crossing of tracks.
Straight in to 8-12 various XC type fences
20 penalties for first refusal, 40 for 2nd, E after 3rd refusal at the same fence. 11 penalties for any obstacle knocked down.
Followed by a Joker fence.
6 penalties for knock down or refusal, 12 for 2nd refusal E for 3rd refusal.
3 accumulative refusals on course = Elimination
Fall or horse or rider = Elimination
All other rules as per BE Eventing rules and below*.




1. The judge’s decision is final.
2. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse an entry, restrict entries and make alterations
to entries if they deem necessary.
3. Arena Eventing will run under BE Rules.
4. Any person falling must see the medic before leaving the venue or re mounting.
5. Hats with no fixed peak and body protectors must be worn– Hats should be of the current British Standard Riding Hats conforming to All PAS 015, VG1 – provided they are BSI Kitemarked, European – VG1 – provided they are BSI Kitemarked American –All SEI ASTM F1163 04a onwards and SNELL E2001 Australian & New Zealand – AS/NZS 3838 2006 onwards.
6. Competition clothing should be worn at all times when mounted.
7. Age of Competitor: Must be over 7 years of age on the date of competition.
8. Refunds will be given if withdrawn before the closing date. NO REFUNDS AFTER CLOSE OF ENTRIES.
9. Face jewellery other than a stud is not permitted, studs are worn at the riders risk and are not recommended.
10. DOGS MUST BE KEPT ON A LEAD AT ALL TIMES. Please clean up after your dog. 11. In the event of cancellation due to circumstances beyond our control £5 per competitor will be withheld to cover costs.
12. Please clear all droppings/hay/litter from Wickstead Farm. No mucking out of lorries/ trailers.
13. At Wickstead during the winter months our parking is limited. Absolutely no tying up outside of your horse box is permitted at any time.
14. Please park where instructed.
15. All horses must be vaccinated We work on an annual basis. There must be 6 clear days between any vaccination injection given and the date of the event. There will be spot passport checks on entry.
16. Health & Safety – The organisers have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the organisers, officials and stewards.
17. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY – Legal liability; Save for death or personal injury caused by negligence of the organisers or anyone for whom they are, in law, responsible neither the organisers, Wickstead HorsePlay, any agent, employee or representative of these bodies nor Wickstead Farm Equestrian Centre and its representatives accepts any liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, riders, spectators, land, cars, their contents and accessories or any other person or property

Withdrawals & Refunds

Refunds will be given if withdrawn before the closing date. NO REFUNDS AFTER CLOSE OF ENTRIES.

Closing Date: 27th Jan at Midnight

Cancellation: if for any reason the event is cancelled refunds will be given less admin fee

Event Booking Information

This event is being organised by Wicksetad HorsePlay. Equine Bookings is acting as the booking agent for this event, enabling you to book online, for which you will be charged a booking fee per space which will be added to your cart.

As booking agents, we accept no responsibility for the actual provision of any event for which you purchase event tickets for. Our responsibilities are limited to providing the online platform to enable you to purchase tickets. The booking fee is the separate non-refundable charge we make to you for facilitating the booking. Your contract is held with the Promoter/event organiser.

We only share your data with that of the third party organiser of the specific event you entered. We do not share your data with third parties for marketing purposes. The Organisers of the events published on the Horse Events website have all agreed to the following statement before we published the event and give them access to your data for the purpose of entering their event.

Venue Information

Wickstead Horse Play is a 50m x 70m all weather arena with a number of simulated cross country course loops built into it including Ditches, Banks and a water complex. This is the perfect venue for schooling your horse, hosting training clinics and competing at. Hosting many competitions from Show jumping, dressage, eventer challenges and derby style competitions.

To Hire the school please book at: www.wicksteadhorseplay.co.uk

Competition entries to be made through www.horse-events.co.uk


WHP 4   whp 8   WHP1   WHP2   WHP5   WHP6

Eastrop, Highworth, Highworth, Highworth, SN6 7PP

Venue Location

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Wickstead Horseplay January 2022 Arena Eventing – SUNDAY ONLY is being organised by Wicksetad HorsePlay and the booking agent is Equine Bookings

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