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When: 18/06/22 to 19/06/22

Event Information


By kind permission of Mr & Mrs A. Wells.


To be held on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th June 2022


Saturday 18th June – Approx start times: Shoot 10.00am, run 12.00pm & ride 2.00pm

To be held at: South Brockwells Farm, Bradfords Lane, Little Horsted, Uckfield. EAST SUSSEX TN22 5QS –

Dogs to be kept on a lead at all times.




Freedom Leisure, Crowborough Leisure Centre, Eridge Road,

Crowborough, East Sussex TN6 2TN

(Approx. 5 miles south of Tunbridge Wells on the right-hand side off of the A26)


TO BE HELD BETWEEN 12.00pm & 2.00pm on Sunday 19th June 2022.

NO DOGS at the leisure centre.


All Entries to be made online to: Horse- Events


Entries Open: Tuesday 3rd May 2022

Entries Close: Tuesday 7th June 2022






Withdrawal Date: 7 June 2022
Event Secretary
T: +44 (0)7962 251 696
(not after 7pm) Entry Queries

Event Classes

The following classes are available for the ERIDGE PONY CLUB INTERBRANCH TETRATHLON 2022

Class 1 Open/Intermediate Boys 25 yrs and under
Shoot 10m One handed 4 second facing turning target Swim 3mins Run 2000mtrs Ride 100/ 90cm
Class 2 Open/Intermediate Boys 25 yrs and under
Shoot 10m One handed 4 second facing turning target Swim 3mins Run 1500mtrs Ride 100/ 90cm
Class 3 Junior Boys 14 yrs and under
Shoot 7m One handed 4 second facing turning target Swim 3mins Run 1500mtrs Ride 90cm
Class 4 Junior Girls 14 yrs and under
Shoot 7m One handed 4 second facing turning target Swim 3mins Run 1500mtrs Ride 90cm
Class 5 Minimus Boys 11 yrs and under
Shoot 7m Two handed 4 second facing turning target Swim 2mins Run 1000mtrs Ride 80cm
Class 6 Minimus Girls 11 yrs and under
Shoot 7m Two handed 4 second facing turning target Swim 2mins Run 1000mtrs Ride 80cm
Class 7 Tadpole Boys 9 yrs and under
Shoot 7m Two handed static target Swim 2mins Run 1000mtrs Ride 60cm
Class 8 Tadpole Girls 9 yrs and under
Shoot 7m Two handed static target Swim 2mins Run 1000mtrs Ride 60cm
Class 9 Beanie Boys & Girls Under 8 yrs
Shoot Beanbag thrown at a target Swim 2mins Run 500mtrs Ride 40cm

Entries & Entry Fees

Entries online at 

You will need your Pony Club membership number and Branch/Centre to enter ALL classes.

We recommend Team Managers encourage their members to enter Individually. One week before the event the entries secretary, Sally Bowman, will contact Team Managers with a list of entries from their Branch or Centre. These entries can then be approved as competent (or not) in all phases and teams can be declared that same day.

Entry fees: 

Classes 1 – 6 £40

Classes 7-9 £30

All entries are subject to a non refudnable booking fee of £1.45 – £1.85


If you need to cancel an entry or change a class before the closing date, please email


Email: Tel: 07962251696 not after 7pm

All entries are subject to a non-refundable booking fee as stated online..


Times will be published one week before the event, please see the below webpage for timings.

Scores Prizes & Prize Giving:

Scores will be shared online, the detail of which will be made available on the first day of the competition.

We hope to hold the prize giving on the Sunday in the Uckfield Leisure Centre Car Park


Individual rosettes in all classes

Team rosettes in Tetrathlon classes only (where there is more than one team).

Rosette or medal for 1400 Ride Scores

Medals for Best Shoot, Best Run & Best Swim in each class (where there is more than one entry).



Competitors should enter individually. The branch Team Manager should declare teams by email to Sally Bowman by entry closing date.

Beanies Tetrathlon classes ONLY, branch teams may be mixed gender in any arrangement of boys and girls. The organiser may make up teams from individuals who are not in a branch team.



To be run in accordance with Pony Club Tetrathlon Rules 2022. NO LATE ENTRIES
Competitors to supply their own Cross County Eventing bibs, and supply and print-off and supply their own infill competition numbers.

Queries during the competition may only be raised via the Organiser, Sally Bowman, by the DC of the relevant competitor or their appointee.

Photographic Rights – competitors and their parents/guardians have given permission for any photographic and/or film or TV footage taken of persons or horses/ponies taking part in Pony Club events to be used and published in any media whatsoever for editorial purposes, press information or advertising by or on behalf of the Pony Club and/or Official Sponsors of the Pony Club.

All competitors must have been seen by a shooting coach to be deemed competent/safe to compete – Please contact Sally Bowman if you have any enquires on

Protective or prescription glasses are recommended at all levels of competition and are COMPULSORY for competitors shooting at 7m. Guns must be kept in their cases until the Firing Point Steward gives the order to“unbox” them at the start of a detail and must be “boxed” again before the competitor leaves the firing point. Actions from removal to returning the gun to the box will be marshalled by the new flagging rule that you need to be familiar with. At all other times guns must be stored in their boxes and locked in a secure place (ie in a vehicle out of sight). No person under 18 years of age may be responsible for, or carry a gun.


Only one coach/parent will be allowed at the end of the pool. ATTENTION IS DRAWN TO THE A.S.A. ADVICE CONTAINED IN THE TETRATHLON RULE BOOK
that swimmers diving from starting blocks need to have reached the level of the ASA Competitive Start Award.


A valid passport and vaccination record must accompany the horse/pony to this event and must be available for inspection if required by event officials.
Vaccinations must be in accordance with the Pony Club Tetrathlon Rule Book 2022.

Riding hats must be worn and must bear the CE mark and a quality symbol, either BS kitemark, the SAI Global symbol or the official Snell label. The CE number on its own is not sufficient PASO15:1998 and Snell E2001 are recommended. Hats must all carry a Pony Club, British Eventing or British Riding Club AQUAMARINE tag.

Body Protectors, meeting the Pony Club Tetrathlon 2022 Rules are compulsory in all ride classes. Air Jackets may only be used in addition to a body protector meeting the specifications in the current rule book.

Competitors may jump down a ride course if they wish, but will incur 500 penalties for each level they drop down. Anyone wishing to jump down a course must declare this when entering online and also notify the organiser before the entry closing date by email to Sally Bowman at We would like to remind competitors of the long- term value in taking 500 penalties to jump a lower course if you are lacking experience or match practice. Better to jump well over a smaller course than badly over a course you are not ready for.
*There are no alternative ‘L’ jump options, if you experience a problem/refusal, please continue onto the next jump accumulating a 60 point penalty.

Beanies only may wear Grass Reins which, if worn, must comply with the Pony Club Tetrathlon Rules 2022.

Beanies only may have an adult standing in the arena with them, in a designated box, offering them verbal assistance. This verbal assistance will beunpenalised. The adult may leave the box to assist, including to lead, however leaving the box will incur 400 penalties.

Tadpoles: Any assistance including leading, verbal assistance or any other kind of outside assistance is prohibited and will incur a 400 penalties. As an exception, the steward ONLY may assist the competitor to remount after the slip rail without penalty.

*Minis Cross Country course will not be timed. Mini competitors who have 1 refusals may miss out the fence and continue on the course provided the fence judge considers them safe to do so, accumulating a 60 point penalty. They must make no more than 2 attempts at any subsequent fence. They must make way for faster competitors.



No Refunds after the withdrawal date for whatever reason. Before this date full refunds to be given.

Booking Closes: 10-06-2022

In the event of the event canceling a Full refunds will be given




Event Booking Information

This event is being organised by PONY CLUB AREA 11 TETRATHLON. Equine Bookings is acting as the booking agent for this event, enabling you to book online, for which you will be charged a booking fee per space which will be added to your cart.

As booking agents, we accept no responsibility for the actual provision of any event for which you purchase event tickets for. Our responsibilities are limited to providing the online platform to enable you to purchase tickets. The booking fee is the separate non-refundable charge we make to you for facilitating the booking. Your contract is held with the Promoter/event organiser.

We only share your data with that of the third party organiser of the specific event you entered. We do not share your data with third parties for marketing purposes. The Organisers of the events published on the Horse Events website have all agreed to the following statement before we published the event and give them access to your data for the purpose of entering their event.

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ERIDGE PONY CLUB INTERBRANCH TETRATHLON 2022 is being organised by PONY CLUB AREA 11 TETRATHLON and the booking agent is Equine Bookings

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