Cotswold Hunt Pony Club Pony Show & Country Fair

Cotswold Hunt Pony Club Pony Show & Country Fair

Where: Cotswold Hunt Kennels
When: 11/07/21

Event Information

Cotswold Hunt Pony Club Pony Show & Country Fair

This show is kindly sponsored by John Oates Horseboxes Cotswolds & Gloucestershire


Classes are open to PC and NON PC members

The Pony Show will provide a fabulous family day out with lots going on for everyone! 

From 11am The Cotswold Hunt will be hosting a Country Show including a tour of the Cotswold Hunt Kennels, stalls, licensed bar and refreshments, family dog show, hound racing, terrier show, ferret racing & lots more!!!


Enter online at:  






As a member of The Pony Club, I stand for the best in sportsmanship as well as in horsemanship.

I shall compete for the enjoyment of the game well played, and take winning or losing in my stride, remembering that without good manners and good temper, sport loses its cause for being.

I shall endeavour to always treat my horse with consideration and kindness.



Have a fabulous day out in our glorious countryside!


Withdrawal Date: 5 July 2021
Cotswold Hunt Pony Club
T: 07899902837
(queries on the day only)
Event Secretary
T: +44 (0)7962 251 696
(not after 7pm) Entry Queries

Event Classes

The following classes are available for the Cotswold Hunt Pony Club Pony Show & Country Fair

Single class 1-7
Pick six classes same horse and rider - classes 1-7
Gymkhana single class
Gymakana Pick all four in your age category same horse and rider
Clear Round
Horse & Hound
Goody bag to the horse and hound pair the judge would most like to take home! Clear round followed by horse and hound – set at 40cm, first round on your pony and then a round with your dog.
Handy Pony

Entries & Entry Fees

Entries online

Entry Fees: 

Ring 1 Fun Showing

First prize in each class kindly donated by Stroud Farm Services

£5 per class or enter 6 for £20 (inc fancy dress)



(once showing and fancy dress have finished)

£5 per class


£15 for all four in your category in advance via Horse Events (this is a class option in the single class drop down menu select by age group).


All entries are subject to a non refundable booking fee £1- £1.85

Event Details

Ring 1 Fun Showing

First prize in each class kindly donated by Stroud Farm Services

from 10:30am

Rosettes to 8th place


The winner of each of the following showing classes will receive a gift kindly donated by Stroud Farm Services.


Class 1              Best turned out pony & rider

Class 2              Child handler (pony to be tacked up, and child to lead pony)

Class 3             Most suitable pony club pony

Class 4              Most beautiful pony

Class 5             Best mane & tail

Class 6              Pony the judge would most like to take home

Class 7             Fancy dress – first prize in best fancy dress is a Thelwell grooming kit!


Gymkhana (once showing and fancy dress have finished)

Rosettes to 8th place


5 years & under                        8 years & under                        12 Years & under

Lead rein/assisted

Class 1 – sweetie race                  Class 1 – walk and trot               Class 1 – walk, trot, go as you please

Class 2 – ride & run                      Class 2 – ride and run                Class 2 – ride and run

Class 3 – Monte Carlo                  Class 3 – bending race               Class 3 – sweetie race

Class 4 – bending race                 Class 4 – sweetie race               Class 4 – bending race


Ring 2 Clear Round from 10:30am

£5 per round – rosettes to all clear rounds

Pick your own height throughout the duration of clear round jumping.


Horse & Hound from approx. 12.30pm.

£10 per go – rosettes to all double-clears!

Goody bag to the horse and hound pair the judge would most like to take home!

Clear round followed by horse and hound – set at 40cm, first round on your pony and then a round with your dog.


Ring 3 Handy Pony Running from 10.30am – 1.30pm.

£5 per go – rosette to 8th place

Have a go at our brilliant handy pony course – riders will be expected to complete a course of tasks including hanging out the washing, mounting, dismounting, stepping stones and a very small jump! The fastest time will count and riders may enter as many times as they wish!

COVID guidelines, Passports & EHV-1

COVID guidelines: The Pony Show is being run within the current COVID guidelines which can be found on the PCUK website. You can find a COVID risk assessment for the event on the Cotswold Hunt Pony Club website. For the updated National COVID Summary please click here.

Insurance: Non-Pony Club competitors are not covered by The Pony Club Insurance and must have their own third party cover. The Cotswold Hunt Branch of The Pony Club and the organisers of this event are not legally responsible for non-Members and their insurance will not cover you.


Passports and Equine Influenza: A reminder that any horse or pony attending a Pony Club activity must be accompanied by their passport. The first and second Equine Flu vaccination injections must have been given and, if needed, correct subsequent booster injections.  The Pony Club/BEF’s rules will apply (see below) and Passports will be spot checked to ensure all horses/ponies are up-to-date with their annual vaccinations. Those not complying will be turned away.  Please have your pony/horse’s passport with you and be ready to show the immunisation schedule.


BEF/Pony Club rules: In the face of recent equine influenza outbreaks the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) asks all event organisers or coordinators to:


  1. 1. Check equine ID passports of all horses attending your event

Ensure that the horse (or pony) has received two injections for primary vaccination against equine influenza given no less than 21 days and no more than 92 days apart. Only these two injections need to have been given before a horse/pony can attend. In addition, if sufficient time has elapsed a first booster injection must be given no less than 150 days and no more than 215 days after the second injection of the primary vaccination. Subsequently, booster injections must be given at intervals of not more than six months apart. Any horse not complying with the vaccination rules should not be unloaded nor any horses travelling with it and they will not be allowed to participate in any session.

  1. We strongly advise

Re vaccination PCUK are imposing a six month booster requirement on local veterinary advice, event attendees must be aware of this at when making entries and have enough time to comply – at least 7 days.


There is increased concern over the impact of Equine Herpes, EHV-1, in the UK. The recent outbreak on the continent has so far claimed the lives of several horses.  British Equestrian (the BEF, of which The Pony Club is a Member Body) is requesting that all Member Bodies use a process of self-certification whereby they declare their horses and ponies fit to attend the activity subject to the ongoing monitoring of the disease.  Click HERE for further information.

We are asking Pony Club members & those attending the Pony Show to confirm with the organiser 24 hours before it starts that their horse or pony shows no signs of:

  • recent cough of unknown cause
  • recent nasal discharge of unknown cause
  • enlarged lymph notes
  • fever (>38.5˚C)
  • recent onset of neurological signs of unknown cause
  • diarrhoea

In addition the horse or pony:

  • is not under current investigation for EHV infection.
  • has not been in contact with and is not kept on the same premises as a horse known to have or be under investigation for EHV.
  • has been resident in the UK for the last 28 days.

If the horse or pony shows any of these clinical signs on the day of the activity it must not travel nor attend the training or competition.

Start Times

Start Times: Entry lists and indicative times will be available on Horse Events.

Dress Code:

Withdrawals: If you are unable to attend, please notify the Entry Secretary, Horse Events, at the earliest opportunity. Entry fee, minus the booking fee will be refunded up to close of entries.

Dress Code: Hacking jackets or Show attire may be worn. 2018 Aqua tagged hats and BETA 2009 body protectors are strongly advised. Air jackets if worn, must be worn in combination with a body protector. All competitors must wear jodhpur / riding boots (except in the Fancy Dress). Stirrups should be of the correct size to suit the rider’s boots and must have 7mm (¼”) clearance on either side of the boot.

Withdrawals & Substitutions


If you would like to edit your horse or rider details before the closing date of the event please login to your account and edit your booking under the ‘MY BOOKING’ TabIf you would like to change the class please email  and if there is space available we will do this for you.

Refund: refunds issued up until the close of entry, refund less booking fee

Cancellation: In the unlikely event that the show must be cancelled by the organisers, full refunds will be issued, minus the booking fee and 40p bank transfer charge.

Event Booking Information

This event is being organised by Cotswold Hunt Pony Club . Equine Bookings is acting as the booking agent for this event, enabling you to book online, for which you will be charged a booking fee per space which will be added to your cart.

As booking agents, we accept no responsibility for the actual provision of any event for which you purchase event tickets for. Our responsibilities are limited to providing the online platform to enable you to purchase tickets. The booking fee is the separate non-refundable charge we make to you for facilitating the booking. Your contract is held with the Promoter/event organiser.

We only share your data with that of the third party organiser of the specific event you entered. We do not share your data with third parties for marketing purposes. The Organisers of the events published on the Horse Events website have all agreed to the following statement before we published the event and give them access to your data for the purpose of entering their event.

Venue Information

The Cotswold Country, which is wholely within the County of Gloucestershire and mainly on the Cotswold hills, stretches from Cheltenham in the West to Northleach in the East, and from Toddington in the North to Stroud in the South.

The Kennels, Andoversford, GL54 4LQ
Contact Details
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Cotswold Hunt Pony Club Pony Show & Country Fair is being organised by Cotswold Hunt Pony Club and the booking agent is Equine Bookings

John Oates Horseboxes  sponsors Cotswold Hunt Pony Club Pony Show & Country Fair
Stroud Farm Services  sponsors Cotswold Hunt Pony Club Pony Show & Country Fair

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