Area 10 Pony Club D+ Test Training via Zoom

Area 10 Pony Club D+ Test Training via Zoom

Where: Zoom
When: 01/03/21 to 29/03/21
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Event Information

Area 10 Pony Club D+ Test Training via Zoom


Area 10 is delighted to offer D Test training weekly online with PC

Dates: 1 March, 15 March, 22 March and 29 March – please note there is no session on Monday, 8 March.

Accredited Coaches: Vicky Clark and Kate Gedge.

Come and join your fellow PC friends for fun and interactive learning sessions focusing on the Care Sections of the D test. You can complete the whole 4-week course or dip in and out to suit you.

These online lessons will take place weekly on a Monday at 19.30 and include 45mins teaching and 10 mins for discussion and questions afterwards.

As there will be two instructors and the opportunity to split into ‘break out’ rooms to help learning and discussion.

If you are interested in taking part or would like more information please see the Session Plans below or contact Isobel Mills, Area 10 Representative via the following email:




Withdrawal Date: 28 March 2021
Area 10 Pony Club
T: 07976 779140
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Event Secretary
T: +44 (0)7962 251 696
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Event Tickets

The following spectator tickets are available for the Area 10 Pony Club D+ Test Training via Zoom

D+ Test training
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1st March
Single session
15th March
Single Session
22nd March
Single session
29th March
Single session

Entries & Entry Fees


Enter online: at

Cost: £5 each per session or £20 for the full course of 5 sessions plus a £1 – £1.45 non refundable booking fee.

Payment is required on booking (each session can be booked separately and there is no commitment to complete all 5 sessions).

All entries are subject to a non-refundable booking fee which will be stated online on a per class basis.




Monday 1 March
SESSION ONE  Looking after a Pony at Grass To have some knowledge of care and working a pony at grass. Catch a pony and turn it out in a field.Lead a pony in hand at walk and trot and turn correctly.

Monday 15 March
SESSION TWO Tack Put on a saddle, snaffle bridle and numnah.Have some knowledge of correctly fitting tack (noseband, throat lash, numnah). Know about elementary care of saddlery (daily bit washing; importance of clean girths, numnahs and saddle cloths).

Monday 22 March
SESSION THREE Grooming Kit Names and uses of essential grooming kit. Show how to use a dandy brush. Pick up and pick out feet.

Monday 29 march
SESSION FOUR  – Part of Pony and Rugs Know basic points of the pony. Know colours and markings. Be able to recognise stable rugs, turn out rugs, and rugs suitable for travel and hot sweaty ponies.

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Area 10 Pony Club D+ Test Training via Zoom is being organised by Area 10 Pony Club and the booking agent is Equine Bookings

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